Why You Should Be Using an Eye Massager

Discover the best way to get rid of dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles.


When you roll into your 9 a.m. meeting after a long night, the one thing that is guaranteed to give away your night-owl lifestyle is your eyes. It doesn’t matter whether you stayed up all night staring at a computer screen to finish that presentation or if you were sipping Shiraz and watching Netflix until 2 a.m., you’ll still be plagued with dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. But how can you save face and cover up the damage before that 9 a.m. meeting with the boss? Read on to learn about the latest high-tech inspired innovation that soothes stressed-out eyes in just one minute.


The Solution

Next time you find yourself in that inevitable scenario, reach for the StrikEYES Eye Massager. Inspired by Asian eye-tapping therapy, this device reduces visible signs of aging and stress when every second counts.


The Design

Made of sleek silicone, the StrikEYES eye massager feels pillow-soft against the delicate eye area, and it never tugs or pulls at your skin. Plus, the curved design fits perfectly under the eyes as well as the brow bone for a 360-degree, ultra-comfortable massage. 


The Technology

With Alternating T-Sonic™ technology, it treats eyes in two ways with two powerful modes: Pure Mode, which replicates manual tapping therapy, and Spa Mode, which mimics a professional eye treatment by combining the tapping sensation with delicate pulsations. Bonus: The Sonic Eye Wand V3.1 is the only eye massaging device that does the work for you: Instead of having to manually move in a circular motion, all you have to do is glide is across the skin.


The How-To

First, apply your favorite eye cream or serum. Turn on the Sonic Eye Wand eye massager and adjust to your desired intensity. Next, move it from the inner corner to outer corner of the eye for 30 seconds (insider tip: make sure the button side is facing towards you). Repeat on the opposite eye and give yourself a wink for successfully fooling everyone in the office (that last part is optional, but none the less ridiculously fun).


The Results

In a clinical trial, the ophthalmologist-tested Sonic Eye Wand was found to be:

• 3.5X more effective at reducing bags under eyes* 

• 70% more effective at reducing dark circles under eyes* 

• 43% more effective at reducing visible crow’s feet and fine lines*

*compared to applying a serum with hands alone, clinical results on file


In a self-assesment, users saw the following results:

• 80% of users experienced firmer and more elastic eye contours* 

• 84% of users saw increased eye cream and serum absorption* 

• 84% saw more refreshed eye contours*

 *self-assessment results on file, 25 users over a 28-day period


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