StrikEYES : Glam or Sham?

After reading about this device (and having normally non allergy prone eyes that are irritated by an abundance of oak blooms this spring) I decided the new StrikEYES was a must try. So I ordered it. 

This device is designed to give a warming massage via gentle vibrations and low heat to the eye area. It helps eye creams sink in better, smooths and de-puffs as well as help with dark circles.

eye massager

It comes with a AAA battery (don’t you just love when batteries are included?) and an instruction booklet. You simply put the battery in, read over the easy to follow directions and you’re ready to pamper your eyes.



The wand will not work unless your finger is on the top metal strip and the rounded metal tip is touching the skin of your eye area. These two areas have to be in contact with your fingertip and eye at the same time or the device won’t work.


Apply eye cream to one eye but don’t completely pat it in. Follow the above directions and the device will begin to vibrate and warm up. Massage from inner corner to outer corner underneath the eye and from outer corner to inner corner along the browbone. I also massage each area in the opposite direction. This will work the eye cream into the delicate skin of your eye. You can continue massaging for up to 3 minutes. Repeat for the other eye. I also like using the wand to massage eye cream into the area between my brows because this area needs love too. You can use this massaging wand morning, night or both.

I’ve used this wand for several days now and I really like it. It’s very soothing and relaxing on the eyes, especially for nighttime care. It helps the cream sink into the skin for complete absorption and the gentle heat is great for depuffing eyes irritated by allergies and itching. I can say it did help depuff my upper eye lids and I got some relief from the darkness in the inner corners of my eyes.

The warming massage feels very good around my eyes. I think this is my favorite thing about this wand. I am seeing the promised results and I like how easy this is to work into my routine even on hectic days.

You can use any eye care cream with this wand, even gel. Just be sure to clean the metal tip afterwards and it is a good idea to clean it with alcohol every other to every two days to keep it free from product build up and for sterilizing. You can’t be too careful and clean with anything that is used around the eyes.

StrikEYES comes with a cover for the metal tip and I suggest using it to protect the tip, after cleansing, when the wand is not in use. The wand is slim design and is very travel friendly.

It’s actually a good price considering it comes with a battery, is a quality product and gives results. I am very pleased with my purchase and consider it one of my must-haves when it comes to eye relief for any reason. If you are considering giving it a try, it is well worth it. I give this product a Glam.

As always, thank you for reading. Have you tried StrikEYES? If so, what are your thoughts? Please post them in the comments.

Remember, the truest form of beauty is a kind heart.


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