StrikEYES for Days You Need a Depuff Sesh

I have a cold today so my eyes are all kinds of puffy and one can hope StrikEYES might help. These eye wands are all the rage at the moment!  Let’s be honest, we expect all things cheap and budget friendly from StrikEYES so when I slap a $29 price tag on something from them I can hear a collective sigh of horror.

None the less, I still want to try this little gadget. Basically you can use it with your fav eye creams and serums the gentle vibrations from the device allow your eye cream to absorb more fully plus it gives you a gentle massage which acts to depuff those tired eyes. I’m one of those people that think devices like this are so freaking cool and how they’ll help me so much with my eye cream application. But I end up having a honeymoon period with it and slowly become lazy about using it nightly.

Bad Muse, bad!

None the less totally want to try this one.

I need to all the deets if you tried it already so do dish! That will make or break my purchase if you tell me it was horribly bad or totally holy grail status!


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